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It's desirable to make the build system work after simply downloading and installing in a platform-specific manner.
  1. The modified jam should be available by itself (as a separate package).
  2. Convenient usage of Boost.Build installation requires some wrapper, which will set up BOOST_BUILD_PATH and BOOST_BUILD_INSTALLATION, and invoke jam. This is needed because:
    1. Other options will make inconvenient simulaneous use of jam and Boost.Build.
    2. I'm not sure if change to the environment as result of installation is considered good style under UNIXes.

Jam packaging

There don't seem to be much problem. Jam binary and docs should be installed to a platform specific location and that's all. Under windows, PATH might have to be adjusted.

Boost.Build packaging

Seems simple to me as well. All the files are installed somewhere. Wrapper called "boost-build" is somehow told where boost-build is installed. Under Unix, this will be a script that is easy to modify during installation. Under windows, the wrapper can find Boost.Build files relative to it's full path. IIRC argv[0] contains full path.
If all said above seems reasonable, we only need to create packages themself. I (Vladimir Prus) can try to make RedHat/Debian packages, maybe windows one. Volunteers for other systems?
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