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A number of people have begun to discuss the implementation of a boost library for Clifford Algebra. This is a formulation of algebra which has advantages in some areas of calculation performance, but also provides a unified formulation of complex numbers, quaternions and vectors.

What has emerged for me at least is the fact that we have more than one good possible starting point, and that the best way ahead is

People/John Fletcher

Although I polled the Boost community for interest in a Geometric Algebra library, my current efforts (http://www.jaapsuter.com) should not be taken as if I wanted to make a definite proposal. I would really like to see a discussion where we talk about the trade-offs of different implementations. I think both nKlein and GluCat are amazing libraries that can certainly live up to Boost expectations, given they would be Boostified.

[Jaap Suter]?

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