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Logo Concepts

When thinking about logos you might want to think about these questions:

Logo Submissions

Unless otherwise mentioned, all images here are copyright their respective authors. Some guidelines to keep in mind when submiting a logo:

Note: When adding a logo below and it doesn't fit any of the above categories, please add an appropriate category to the list. And try and keep the list in alphabetical order by author plus image name so that one authors images are kept together.

Joaquín M López Muñoz - Plus Plus 1


Joaquín M López Muñoz (adapted from a design by Jonathan Turkanis) - Plus Plus 2


Joaquín M López Muñoz - Plus Plus 3


Joaquín M López Muñoz - Plus Plus 4


Joaquín M López Muñoz - Rocket


Joaquín M López Muñoz - Sphere


René Rivera - Plus B


René Rivera - Abstract 1


René Rivera - Abstract 2


René Rivera - boost/+


René Rivera - boost/++


René Rivera - boost/c++


René Rivera - boost/c++ 2


René Rivera - Rocket1


René Rivera - Rocket2


Jonathan Turkanis - Boost 1


Jonathan Turkanis - Boost 2


Mark Blewett & Jonathan Turkanis - Boost 3


Mark Blewett & Jonathan Turkanis - Boost 4


Jonathan Turkanis (stolen from Erik Wien) - Boost 5


Jonathan Turkanis (stolen from Erik Wien) - Boost 6


Jonathan Turkanis - std++


Dave Abrahams - Suite of Early Attempts

  http://www.luannocracy.com/logo.ppt (powerpoint)
  http://www.luannocracy.com/logo.pdf (PDF - imperfect translation of the powerpoint)

Dave Abrahams - Boost/std::


Michel André - Boost/c++


Michael Toksvig - Boost/std++


Daniel Frey


Kyrre Wedvik - Boost

  Jonathan Turkanis: Nice, but I think the rightward
  size increase is too pronounced. Also, the first one will only
  work for pages with a green/orange/red color scheme, so I think
  the second one is better. I like the font — what is it?

  Answer from Kyrre Wedvik: Do you mean the thickness of the type
  is increasing too much? I disagree with that the color-version of
  the logo only will work on that same scheme on a website. You can
  design a whole series of harmonizing colors to work with the logo. 
  or just plain white as this site is. The black and white example 
  is for copied versions etc. The font name is by the way TheklaExtended? (for Mac).
  But the colors can naturally be altered if wanted. 

  Jonathan Turkanis: I meant the thickness of the type as well 
  as the height and width of the bars. I think when the logo is small
  the text will look like "..oST"

  You're right about the colors, though. I suggest you put up version
  which will harmonize with the current home page and with 


  (also feel free to delete this discussion ;-)




  Kyrre: I decided do make another version for the boost logo, this
   time a more "bubblegum"-impression, which softens things up, and also
   did some typographical tricks with the box lying behind the type.

   Font name is "Stones". Colours are ment to harmonize with existing websites.

Erik Wien - Boost/space (Inspired by Jonathan's take on earlier versions of this logo)


  Erik: Put up a simple collage with some different flavours of this logo
  to replace all the different versions that were there earlier. Just so I don't 
  take up too much space here. ;)

Erik Wien - Boost/scope


Notes on Favicons

Comments added by Chris Russell

Many popular browsers support favicon - the 16x16 bitmap or PNG file fetched by the browser to be used to adorn URLs in menus, shortcut lists, etc.

Two images (the PNG and ICO files) are copied into /public_html and the following added to the <head/> of every document:

<head><link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="http://boost.org/favicon.png">
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://boost.org/favicon.ico"></head>

An example based on Dave Abrahams' rocket...

    (PNG) [ICO]

... shows up like this in Firefox:


Here's an online tool that converts an uploaded image to a favicon: http://www.chami.com/html-kit/services/favicon/

  Jonathan Turkanis: Often it's better to draw the favicon by hand, 
  since a different composition may be appropriate for the smaller image,
  and automated shrinking may produce a fuzzy result

Perhaps we could try to contact the guy who did the Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird logos? http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/portfolio/523/mozilla-logos I've always liked those two logos and when I stumbled upon his site I thought I'd post here. It was interesting to read about the process they (Mozilla) used to "carve" out the final choice also.

// Fredrik

Steven Burns (mailto: royalstream at hotmail dot com)

I dont know if the Boost Logo is still open for discussion, but in any event I had an idea for a logo. Here is a gif screenshot and I have the original on vector format:

It uses the ++ and the <> brackets and with a little imagination it looks like a thunderbolt rocket on top of the word 'boost'. It looks pretty much the same on black and white and I'm sure I can make an icon version of it.

Boost rocks!

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