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Page devoted to analysis of a boost common license:

The current situation with disparate and sometimes unclear licensing terms on the wide variety of Boost libraries has become a barrier to adoption for many companies.

People/David Abrahams has been working with Diane Cabell (Associate Director, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School) to devise a common license that can be used by most (or hopefully all) Boost libraries. Diane is going to try to devote some of the Center's resources to helping us when they become available in early 2003, but in the meantime she has suggested was that we could go through the lists of licenses at:


and make a lay-person's evaluation to see if any of these stood a chance of being appropriate for Boost. If we could get one person to summarize each of the licenses w.r.t. the Boost license requirements, I think we'd stand a great chance of narrowing the field of candidates to a reasonable number relatively quickly. This would make the process go much more smoothly and quickly when the Berkman Center's volunteer is actually prepared to start working with us.

For review, the Boost license requirements are listed here: http://www.boost.org/more/lib_guide.htm#License

Beman thinks these requirements are a reflection of these underlying goals:

Here is a list of the licenses from http://www.opensource.org/licenses/cpl.php

Click on the ? to create the page for the analysis.

OSI Approval of the Boost Software License:

As of January 2005, efforts are underway to obtain [OSI] certification for the [Boost Software License] through their [License Approval Process].

The reasons for this are several:

Pre-Submission Working Draft Responses:

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