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Building Boost Jam on Windows Troubleshooting

Compilers supported by Bjam boostrapper

Boost.Build and bjam.exe support wide range of compilers, but bjam itself can be built only with following subset:

 * Borland C++ Builder (versions?) / Borland C++ 5
 * Comeau C/C++ Compiler Front-End (versions?)
 * gcc under CygWin?
 * gcc-nocygwin (what's this?)
 * Intel C++ Compiler 6 and 7 
 * Metrowerks CodeWarrior? C++ Compiler (versions?)
 * mingw
 * Microsoft Visual C++ 6
 * Visual C++ 7 (.NET 2002) and 7.1 (.NET 2003)

If your compiler not one of these you should download prebuilt bjam.exe from SourceForge

(Is it possible to build newer bjam with compilers unsupported by bootstrapper using older bjam.exe binary?)

If your compiler is in the list, but it isn't detected

Set environment variables correctly

For Microsoft compilers it's strongly adviced to set appropriate environment variables permanently, because they will be used by Boost.Build to detect compilers ("boost.build toolsets") too, and you won't need to configure boost.build manually.

Change example path to your location:

Visual C++ 6


Visual C++ 7 (.NET 2002)


Visual C++ 7 using compiler from C++ 6 (so called VC 6.5)


Visual C++ 7.1 (.NET 2003)

set VS71COMNTOOLS=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\Tools

Alternatively, specify toolset name and path to your compiler

You can specify toolset name on command line:

build.bat toolset_name

The following names are recognized: borland, como, gcc, gcc-nocygwin, intel-win32, metrowerks, mingw, msvc, vc7

For historical reasons, msvc means Visual C++ 6

/How? to specify toolset location???/

/What? location should be specified for each particular compiler? Installation folder, installation folder/bin?/

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