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"Darwin" is (basically) the same thing as MacOSX.

Building normal dynamically linked library

To build Boost on darwin, first download the "macosxppc" version of Boost Jam. Then run the following command in the Boost source directory:

	bjam -sTOOLS=darwin

Note that if you omit the -sTOOLS option, bjam will try to use the default configuration for GCC, and fail. Also note that the Apple developer tools includes another Jam variant: use Boost jam to build boost.

Creating framework for Apple version of GCC

I tried to use command:

        bjam -sTOOLS=darwin -sBUILD=framework

but it didn't create framework package as I thought. Has anyone ideas howto create "boost.framework" ?

Now you have working "boost.framework" directory, just copy it to

       /Library?/Frameworks? or to  ~/Library?/Frameworks? 

after copying boost can be used with gcc like this:

     g++ -o boostexample someboostprogram.cc  -framework boost 

You can also use Fink and FinkCommander? to auto install Boost You just have to enable "use unstable" option in FinkCommander? preferences.

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