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This page is intended to give Boost developers an easy contact point for people who will help with library documentation.

Please include your name, appropriate contact information, and if you are listed in the people pages for the Wiki or at Boost.org, please also link to those.

If there are types of libraries you would prefer to assist with, include that in your listing.


John Phillips

I am open to work with any libraries, though I certainly don't claim to be a content expert in all of them.


Edward Diener


I am willing to help developers of any implementation in correcting the grammar of their English in their documentation and suggesting, if necessary, better ways of structuring a particular area of their documentation. I am knowledgable about certain of the implementations which I have used.

Please put Boost in the subject line of any e-mail sent to me requesting help.


Loc Joly



Nigel Stewart


Native english speaker, some technical writing experience, C++ developer. Especially interested in magazine article style user-oriented documentation, for example - "An introduction to using boost pointers in C++". I'd kind of like to be published in C++ Journal or Linux Journal. :-)

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