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Function Library - Mail Thread Summary

Generalizing C-style Callbacks


Would someone like to provide a one line (ok, maybe two) summary of what someone might use this library for? The tutorial implied it was likely to be used replacing virtual functions. Anything else?

  proxy_id_t tagfsmMgr::registerProxy(IfsmProxy?* P,[RegistrationPriority t]? prio)
	boost::function<void ([EventHdr t]?*)> f=bind1st(mem_fun(&IfsmProxy?::handleEvent), P);
        //Now? use the binding f as a normal function call
       //..... rest of the code....

With this as Proxy method:

  void tagfsmProxy::handleEvent([EventHdr t]?* evt){
  //..... rest of the code

And here is the signature for dispatcher in this code snippet for information:

 typedef boost::signal<void ([EventHdr t]?*)> Dispatcher_t;
 Dispatcher_t dispatcher;

boost::function enables you to make a C-like callback call to method fsmProxy::handleEvent (bound to variable f) as if it were a plain C function.Hope it helps.

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