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Title: Beyond the C++ Standard Library -- A User's Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries


This fast-paced tutorial provides a user's overview of the Boost library collection. The Boost libraries have become required knowledge for C++ developers for the following reasons:

The Boost C++ library collection now contains more than 55 libraries. The libraries fall into many key categories including String, text processing, parsing, Containers and Data Structures, Generic and Template Meta-programming, Math and Numerics, Memory Management, Input / Output, Value Types. Some of the libraries include bind, conversion, date_time, filesystem, function, graph, iterator, mpl (meta-programming library), python, random, regular expression, smart pointer, spirit (parser framework), string algorithms, thread, tokenizer, and tuple.

All attendees will receive a CD with the most recent Boost release. Attendees are encouraged to bring laptops to participate in a hands-on session where we will assist attendees with compiling the libraries, examples, and tests in their environment.

Tutorial Objectives

Student will get the following from the tutorial:

Attendee background

Basic knowledge of C++

Presentation format

Lecture, Hands on exercise


Beginner / Intermediate

Target audience



Include for each presenter (including the contact person, who must be clearly designated as such): name, email address, affiliation, address, and a brief biography indicating the presenter's expertise and experience in the tutorial subject matter

Scheduling constraints


Half/Full Day

Half Day

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