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Plugins could be implemented using dynamic loaded libraries (DLLs), which is known not only for Windows, but also e.g. for Linux and a lot of other OS and also used as shared libraries. A DLL offers C-Functions, but this could be also useful for C++.

A wrapper for the usage of dynamic libraries is e.g. found for gmodule, which is part of the glib library. For C++, a more object oriented approach would be useful: a library, which encapsulates plattform specific issues and offers an easy way to use DLLs and to introduce plugins.

One current solution is in progress: Boost.Extension at http://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/browser/sandbox/libs/extension

Some other links: http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/library/l-shobj/ http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/glib/glib-dynamic-loading-of-modules.html

Linux: http://www.dwheeler.com/program-library/Program-Library-HOWTO/x170.html http://www.linux.com/howtos/Program-Library-HOWTO/dl-libraries.shtml http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-dll.html

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