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Jam unconditionally breaks up incoming variable values at whitespace (regardless of whether it is escaped with a backslash or quotes) unless the variable ends in "PATH", in which case the variable is broken at ":" or ";", as appropriate to the platform. Therefore, all of the variables such as "METROWERKS_ROOT" and "BCCROOT" should really be changed to end in "PATH".

In the long run, it might be good to supply a way to specify spaces in a variable value on the command-line. For example:

   Jam -sMSVC_ROOT="C:/Program\ Files/VC98"

That won't work well, though, because backslashes are used as path separators on Windows (thanks, Bill!)

We now have such a way:

If Jam sees that the variable's value begins and ends with a double-quote, the quotes are stripped and the rest of the value is taken literally, as one whole string.

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