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This page is for suggestions for improvements to the Boost Utility Library.

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I find it tedious to write out things like

    for_each(container.begin(), container.end(), whatever...);

Not only does it take alot of typing, but it is also error-prone -- e.g. you might change the first "container" to "container2", but forget to change the second one.

There should be a standard for_all(), with definition something like this (demonstration only):

    template <typename C, typename F> void for_all(C& vec, const F& func) {
        for_each(vec.begin(), vec.end(), func);

    - Chuck

There is a library in the Boost Sandbox that overloads all standard algorithms for containers instead of iterator pairs. I am also looking at making a more formal definition of a 'range' concept for a pair of iterators that would not only be used for the algorithms, but would make some iterator adaptors easier to use (eg filter_iterator) and make useful return values from functions.

I don't believe an algorithm with a different name is required.


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