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Implementation of concept originally described by Andrei Alexandrescu and Petru Marginean in: http://www.cuj.com/documents/s=8000/cujcexp1812alexandr/alexandr.htm

"Boostified" version submitted by Joe Swatosh. http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Mail/Message/1229237

 [ - The files mentioned in the text of the article are not available on Yahoo Groups any longer ]
 (There wasn't much space on Yahoo Groups at the time and little interest in the group so I removed them.  Joe)

Optimized, "Boostified" version uses Boost.Bind, without having to use Boost.Function submitted by John Sheehan. http://www.dumbnose.com/src/scope_guard.h

 [ - This link is no more working. Seaching for "scope_guard.h", "scope_guard", 
   "scope guard" etc... does not yield any results. ]

Last simplified version posted by Joe ("approved" by Alexandrescu): http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Mail/Message/1341357

 (I hope I didn't overstate Andrei's approval.  He just said it was okay with him if I tried to get it into Boost.  Joe)

http://tnfox.sourceforge.net/TnFOX/html/group__rollbacks.html contains original implementation by Niall Douglas (among others one could do "group undo").


Posted 2006-03-24

The Loki library contains an implementation of ScopeGuard?, similar to Alexandrescus and Margineans original implementation. The library can be downloaded from its Sourceforge site. Of follow the link from Alexandrescus homepage.

Posted 29 Nov, 20004

The Boost Multi-Index Containers Library, new to Boost with release 1.32, constains a version of ScopeGuard as an implementation detail. The Boost Iostreams Library, to be released with Boost 1.33, also contains a version of ScopeGuard. It is likely that these two implementations will be merged and moved to the directory <boost/detail>.

Now that ScopeGuard is an undocumented part of Boost, it is a candidate for Fast-Track Review.

added by People/Fredrik Blomqvist 2002-Oct-30
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