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Building Bjam

To Build bjam you need to

 * obtain the source distribution of Boost
 * go to the directory BOOST_ROOT/tools/jam/src
 * invoke build.sh (or build.bat on windows)
 * Have a copy of Yacc and Bison (non standard on Windows)

The build.sh (or build.bat) script will create a subdirectory called 'bin.<platform-description>' which contains the 'bjam' executable.

Details on build.sh

Syntax: build.sh [toolset-name]

The build.sh script will try to guess what compiler should be used to compile bjam. If the script cannot find a compiler or you want to force the script to use a specific compiler, you can provide the name of the toolset as an argument to the script. Valid toolset names are

 * acc
 * como
 * darwin
 * gcc
 * intel-linux
 * kcc
 * kylix
 * mipspro
 * sunpro
 * tru64cxx
 * vacpp

Building Boost Jam on Windows

To compile Boost Jam run boost/tools/build/jam_src/build.bat. Bjam.exe will be created in jam_src/bin.ntx86.

If this simple procedure doesn't work for you, it's likely that either compiler autodetection failed, or your compiler isn't supported by bjam compilation bootstrapper. See BuildingBjamOnWindowsTroubleshooting for detailed instructions and list of supported compilers.

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