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* NetClass? (a multi-platform C++ library which provides a thin wrapper for socket and thread support) http://netclass.sourceforge.net/
* FEDLibrary http://sourceforge.net/projects/fedlibrary/
* C++ Stream Compatible TCP/IP Sockets http://sourceforge.net/projects/cpp-sockets/

Books and Papers

See Overall requirements for a list of some books.

 But, Jason, "A C++ Socket Library for Linux: An IPv4/IPv6? class-based 
 sockets C++ library", June 2002, Dr. Dobbs Journal,

 Tougher, Rob, "Linux Socket Programming In C++",  Jan 2002, Linux Gazette,

 Tougher, Rob, "A Framework For Writing Application Servers In C++",  Jun 2002, Linux Gazette,

 Sobczak, Maciej, "An Iostream-Compatible Socket Wrapper", Dec 2001, C/C++ Users Journal,
 http://www.cuj.com  http://www.maciejsobczak.com/prog/publications.html

Other Socket Libraries

These aren't endorsements, just other libraries that might be mined for ideas.

And just for kicks some JAVA stuff

And for even more kicks Python stuff

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