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Link to license: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/lgpl-license.php


FAIL: It is unreasonably complex and long. This is certainly a license written by lawyers for lawyers.

FAIL: Commercial use is only permited for the binaries produced from LGPL source in a very restricted form. The end user must be permited to reproduce the binary form.

PASS: Requires license on all distributions of source.

FAIL: Even the one non-LGPL (commercial) use allowed requires informing the end user of the use of the library and the license it is covered by.

FAIL: The license is structured in such a way as to attempt to ensure that the end user is allowed to recreate, from source, the library and any binary that uses the library.

Like the GPL, the license is written to promote the idea and ideals of "Free Software" and as such is incompatible with most commercial uses. With that comes a long section describing those ideas as part of the license, which seems superflous.

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