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Boost Socket Library

The overall objective of the Boost Socket Library is to provide a modern, safe, portable C++ socket library suitable for wide use and eventual standardization.

C++ programmers currently have no standard or de facto standard C++ socket library to access the power of TCP/IP and the Internet. Even those C++ programmers willing to use C interfaces find that C sockets libraries often differ somewhat from one another, making portability a headache.

Note, Hugo D who has been the driving force on this has moved the current implementation to it's own home on sourceforge -- http://sourceforge.net/projects/giallo -- 2004-Apr-12

Hmm perhaps of interest: I wrote (part of!) a socket library as well a couple of months ago, which looks a little like this one. Perhaps it's usefull to take a look at it. F.ex. I use URL's for initialisation rather than writing down a number of lines, and there are some other differences as well... http://cpp.student.utwente.nl/cgi-bin/cvsweb/socket/src/ -- 2004, nov 7th
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