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This page is for discussion of problems in the Boost uBLAS (linear algebra) Library documentation. This may be a good place to contribute additional material for the uBLAS documentation. Have a look also at Effective uBLAS which provides more background material.

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I'd like to start using hBLAS. I've never used (or even heard of) BLAS so I am completely new to this. The documentation is not helping me at all in my situation. I liked the spirit documentation which is structured much better (from my point of view). The documentation reads more like a book and contains a lot of examples ready to use. The uBLAS documentation is more like the Java SDK reference. Trying to learn something from such a documentation is really difficult for a novice. A google search for some tutorial yielded almost nothing.

I agree, the documentation is 'sparse' to say the least! In parrticular I can't see examples of how to use ublas in conjunction with STL. I'd also like to see some examples of how to initialise matrices from existing data structures as I can't see any construtors that take iterators as arguments. I found Effective uBLAS to be of little help as its really just a set of bullet points.

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