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I'm a developer for a financial firm. I'm able to use boost to some extent in my work, but meeting a little bit of inertia in getting it insinuated through our codebase. I'm hopeful of finding more easily useful and well-documented tools to foist on my unsuspecting colleagues! Fortunately, boost is quite non-intrusive, so it's not so hard to make use of it myself, even if others don't want to. I hope it stays that way.

At the moment, the packages I make most use of are Regex, smart pointers, and the functional library. I've also used any, the (beta) array_traits and iterator_adaptors in other contexts. I've started to use bind in some places, and I have a rewrite in development converting a piece of code to use multithreading, using boost::threads.

Contact me at georgeh AT aya DOT yale DOT edu if you'd like to discuss our use of boost.

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