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User exception

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A "user exception" should be supplied, which is under program_options_exception -- so that in your command-line processing code can be fully integrated, e.g.:

    try {
        if (badThing)
            throw program_options_user_exception("No good");

    } catch (exception& e) {
        if (dynamic_cast<program_options_exception*>(&e))
            cout << "Usage: " << ...;

i.e. your error can get processed along with the logically-related program options errors.

    - People/Chuck Messenger

If you need user exception in some of your programs, I'd be happy to add it.

    - People/Vladimir Prus

Well, it seemed like it might be nice. But my main reason for wanting it was due to the lack of argument processing. That is, I'd want to process my arguments, raising a program_options exception when they were wrong. But if you unify argument processing (as per previous thread), then this need goes away.

So, really, this is just a workaround, which shouldn't be necessary. I'll just drop this request.

    - People/Chuck Messenger

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