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There has been some discussion of building XML libraries as part of boost. No one has really stepped up to this yet. Here are links to the discussion some fo the discussion threads:



Unfortunately the threads aren't really preserved correctly in the archive. This query gets back most of the key discussions from Oct 2001


Other XML software

Not all of the following software is a library. Some other programs are mentioned, vaguely suspecting that people looking here might be interested in them, and to give possible developers of a Boost XML library an overview of related technologies (For example both a XML parser and Boost.Serialization could interface to a XML-Database).

Arabica is a XML toolkit, consisting of SAX, DOM and Xpath APIs. Is is written in a relatively modern C++ Style. It can handle UTF-8 and UCS-2 encodings and works with custom string types. The library currently does not contain an own parser implementation but rather wraps Expat, Xerces, Libxml and MSXML. It is BSD-Style licensed.

Tinyxml is a XML parser which currently only exposes a DOM API. It is advertised as beeing lean and easy to integrate into existing projects.

Xerces-C is a feature-rich XML Toolkit. It delivers SAX and DOM APIs. It features XML Schema and Namespaces support, too. The Apache Software Foundation also hosts a C++ XSLT implementation called Xalan and a webservices toolkit (Axis) available in C++. A XML/C++ databinding facility called Xmlbeans is developed in conjunction with Roguewave.

XSD is a code generator for binding XML-Schema types to C++. Both GPL and licensing for proprietary projects is available.

Berkely DB XML is a database for XML documents, featuring XQuery, XML Schemas and XML Namespaces among other things. It uses the C-written Berkely DB underneath. Both XML and non XML-objects can be stored in one database.

Sablotron is another XSLT and Xpath processor. It uses the Expat parser.

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